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Super Wide Monitors: What Are They?

"Super Wide Monitor"?

You may have heard of this monitor in passing, was it super wide monitor, cinema monitor, you're not quite sure but we're here to clarify that for you. We often see the mislabeling of these monitors by layman as "super wide monitors" but in reality the correct terminology is ultrawide monitor or more specifically 21:9 monitors. That number, 21:9, refers to the aspect ratio of the ultrawide monitor. Early displays like CRT displays posssesed 4:3 aspect ratio, eventually we made the move to widescreens which are currently the most popular class of display.

You're probably viewing this page on a widescreen monitor, which features a 16:9 aspect ratio. As you can tell, it seems we have this preference for wider screens. Perhaps it is because it parallels the human vision system. Objects of interest tend to be around us, in our peripheral vision, rather than below or above us. It stands to reason that wider screens are simply a more natural, intuitive fit for the way we as humans process images.

Ultrawide Monitors: Immersion

When talking about ultrawide (21:9) screens, the term "immersive" comes up plenty, especially with specific models of ultrawide monitors that are curved. These monitors go the step further of subtly wrapping that extra screen real estate towards you for a more comfortable and natural viewing experience. So, why should you care about these so called "super wide monitors". Well, widescreens might go the way of the dinosaur, in this case the 4:3 displays of yesteryear.

Ultrawides have slowly but steadily been growing in popularity over the last few years. They still remain very much as an ethusiast product. Considering their hefy pricetags, ultrawide monitors simply aren't for everyone just yet. With that said, not only have we been seeing price drops, but growing support for 21:9 content. Of course, there is already an ocean of 21:9 content in the form of movies.

You ever notice how watching a movie on your TV or monitor produces black bars on the top and bottom? That's the result of displaying 21:9 content on a 16:9 screen. It just doesn't produce the desired effect. Watching a feature length movie on an ultrawide monitor provides one of the best cinema experiences possible, because it was kind literally made to display this type of content. If you're a movie buff, you'll fall in love with the type of experience an ultrawide monitor can provide for you.

Picture of Ultrawide monitor with movie

Ultrawide monitor with movie

Ultrawide Monitors: Practicality

Okay, that's cool and all, it looks nice and it feels immersive, but what are the practical benefits of an ultrawide monitor if any. Well ultrawide monitors can provide all the benefits of a dual monitor setup in a much cleaner package. Why have a clunky setup of multiple monitors, when you can invest in one fantastic one. It's a great way to take your productivity to the next level by enhancing your ability to multi-task efficiently.
If you find the concept of these "super wide monitors" enticing, then I recommend you taking a look at our ultrawide monitor buyer's guide. We go over all of the best ultrawide monitors on the market today. We've included budget options, gaming options, and premium options that can tackle anything you throw at them.

Ultrawide Monitor Buyer's Guide


picture of ultrawide monitor for productivity

ultrawide monitor for productivity

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