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Mini-ITX Case Buyer Guide

Mini-ITX cases, why not? You ever get tired of having a massive, heavy desktop PC case that takes up your entire desk. Well we sure did, and we know that when it comes time to clean that desk or move that PC somewhere, it's extremely annoying to awkwardly bear-hug a huge, heavy case, and your back won't like it either. In technology, we see this trend of ever-dwindling components. Most of our electronics keep getting smaller, more compact, and easier to handle, so why shouldn't our PCs?

If you're looking to build a new PC or just upgrade your case, you've probably shifted through hundreds of gargantuan "GAMER" cases with more LED lights than you'd ever know what to do with. We find this emerging hype around mini-itx cases and components to be very refreshing. Our high performance PCs oughta follow along with the other pieces of tech in our lives like smart phones.

It's simply intellectually appealing to have a very compact, efficient, and powerful desktop PC. There's no reason to go bigger than mini-ITX unless you find in yourself in a position where you really need 2-3 graphic cards, or tons of extra harddrives stuffed in your build. These days, you can get a mini-itx case that supports the biggest of the baddest graphics cards, several harddrives and SSDs, and even watercooling. It's truly incredible what you can fit into a small form factor case if you just have the patience and vision to do it.

Best Mini-itx, Small Form Factor Cases - April 2017

We've gone ahead and done the tedious work of searching and categorizing all of the best mini-itx cases on the market today. We've got mini-itx cases as small as shoe boxes for the really dedicated, patient builders out there looking to get the most compact build possible. We've got mini-itx cases with watercooling support, whether you want to cool your CPU, GPU, or both, you can do it in an awesome mini-itx case. We have mini-itx cases with windows so you can admire your hard work and impeccable wire management at all times.

One common concern with mini-itx cases is cooling and airflow, but all these cases are extremely efficient and well built. As long as you keep your build dust free and probably ventilated, you will have no issues with temperature or airflow.

Down below we've compiled a convenient list of the best mini-itx cases we could find in a variety of different categories. You don't have the time to shift through hundreds of options, so we did it for you. Let us know in the comments what you think of these picks. We're confident you'll find whatever you'll need. From the smallest form factor cases to the ones with the most functionality like watercooling, modular design, and room for tons of storage, they're all there.

Mini-ITX Case Buyer's Guide

Category Model Size GPU Support Watercooling Support CPU Cooler PSU Type Included Fans  
Best Functionality Mini-itx Cases Cooler Master Elite 130 19.6 liters Up to 13.5 Inch (343mm) Up to 120mm at front Up to 2.5 Inch (65mm) ATX 1x 120mm 1x 80mm Price
Fractal Design Core 500 19.5 liters Up to 310mm Up to 280mm radiator 170mm height ATX 1 140mm Price
Phanteks Evolv 34 liters Up to 13 inch (330 mm) Very Extensive Support 200mm height ATX 1 200mm Price
BitFenix Prodigy 36 liters Up to 320mm Very Extensive Support 175mm height ATX 2 120mm Price
Corsair Air 240 33 liters Up to 290mm Very Extensive Support 120mm height ATX 3 120mm Price
Smallest Form Factor Silverstone ML05B 7 liters No dedicated GPU support No 37-70mm SFX No Price
Silverstone Tek PT13B 1.4 liters No dedicated GPU support No 30mm SFX No Price
Silverstone RVZ02B 12 Up to 13 inch (330mm) No 58mm SFX No Price
Fractal Design Node 202 10.4 liters Up to 310mm No 58mm SFX No Price

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In-depth breakdown of mini-itx cases

Simple lists are convenient, but if you need extra info about every mini-itxcase listed above, keep on reading. We'll be listing specifications, common questions and answers, and what buyers are saying about these mini-itx cases.

Best Functionality

Mini-itx cases are great, going smaller is great, but you can only go so small before you start sacrificing on important things like graphic card compatibility, amount of HDDs or SSDs capable of fitting, power supply size, and more. Now if you love the idea of going smaller, being more efficient, and having a sleek case, but still want a serious power house for gaming or productivity, then keep on reading.


Clickable picture of Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini ITX case with watercooling support

Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini ITX case with watercooling support

Starting off we have the Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini ITX case with watercooling support. This is one of our cheapest and most reviewed options (4.5 stars on Amazon). For under 50 dollars you can have a very capable mini-itx case capable of supporting high performance graphics upwards of 13.5 inches (343 mm), 120 mm water cooling kit at the front, and a multitude of storage solutions. Here's a list of the full specifications:

  • Front panel meshed for better airflow
  • Made to work with mini-itx motherboards
  • One of a kind drive mounting solution allows for more drives to fit
  • Supports watercooling solutions up to 120mm in length at the front of mini-itx case
  • Support for standard ATX PS2 sized power supplies
  • Capable of fitting long graphics cards up to 13.5 inch (343 mm) long
  • Comes with one 120 mm fan at the front and one 80 mm fan on the side

Now that's a lot of features for a mini-itx case that, again, costs under 50 dollars. Our only complaint about this case is that it doesn't have the most aesthetic case design. It's alright, it definitely gets the job done, but it absolutely will not turn any heads. Form vs function, that call is on you.

What do buyers like about this mini-itx case?

This mini-itx case is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, just right. It's got tons of mounting options for AIO water coolers, SSDs, and HDDs. You can fit a full-sized graphics card in this case as well as other high-end components. Building process is very easy and intuitive. Disassemblign and reassembling is a breeze. Extremely affordable. Great for cheap, budget builds and high-end builds alike.

What don't buyers like about this mini-itx case?

There isn't much space for a large CPU cooler. Besides that, the only real shortcoming is its design/looks.

Common questions & answers about this mini-itx case:

What is in the box?

Besides the case itself, there's a variety of accessories. The box includes motherboard stand-offs, various nuts and screws to be used during building. The case itself comes with two 12mm case fans. They're not of the highest quality, but they get the job done. There's also tool-less HDD mounts, and cable/zip ties to assist in cable management.

What are the exact dimensions of this case? How much room for a CPU cooler?

The dimensions for LxWxH are as follows: 15.7x9.4x8.2 inches. There's a maximum of 2.5 (65mm) inches for a CPU cooler.

Clickable picture of Fractal Design Core 500 mini-itx case

Fractal Design Core 500 mini-itx case

Next up we have the Fractal Design Core 500 mini-itx case. This mini-itx case is a bit more expensive than the last mini-itx case, but it has all the functionality and more. This mini-itx case supports watercooling raditors up to 280mm long. It's smart drive bay placement allows you to fit up to three 3.5 inch drives, three 2.5 inch drives, and one 5.25 inch drive all at once. That's an insane amount of storage for a compact case with a volume of only 19.5 liters. Another advantage of this mini-itx case is that it supports tall CPU cooler towers upwards of 170mm in height.

To top it all off it has a sleek brushed aluminum-look front panel and large magnetic filters for the side, top, and power supply air intakes. At just under 60 dollars, this mini-itx case offers a serious bang-for-your-buck package with a very aesthetically pleasing design. Here's a list of all the specifications:

  • Sleek brushed aluminum-like front panel
  • Very small case with a volume of only 19.5 liters
  • Fantastic watercooling support despite small form factor, supports radiators up to 280mm long
  • Smart drive bay placement supports an incredible arrangement of 3.5"drives, three 2.5" and one 5.25" drive simultaneously
  • Works with Mini-ITX motherboards, ATX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
  • Has space for tall CPU cooler towers, upwards of 170mm in height
  • Comes with a Fractal Design Silent Series R3 140mm rear exhaust fan for great, quiet cooling
  • Big magnetic filters for the side, top, and power supply air intake keeps your case dust free

As you can see, just like our last mini-itx case, this mini-itx case comes packed with functionality and all in a very sleek, eye-catching, compact package. If you want all the creature comforts and features you expect while still keeping things very small, this is absolutely the best mini-itx case for you.

What do buyers like about this mini-itx case?

One of the smallest form factor mini-itx cases on the market that supports serious watercooling and CPU tower cooling solutions. This is a mini-itx case with no compromises that even maintains a very small size. It's very quiet and the built-in dust filters keeps the interior of this mini-itx case very nice and clean. It has a very sleek, aluminum-look finished front panel.

What don't buyers like about this mini-itx case?

Can be difficult to fit everything if you go all the way with a high performance build. While it supports very tall CPU coolers and very large water coolers, no one said it was easy to put them in. This mini-itx case is tremendously compact, so you have to be up for the challenge of actually 'compacting' all your components in this wesome mini-itx case.

Common questions & answers about this mini-itx case:

Will this mini-itx case fit a full sized powersupply?

Yes, this mini-itx case supports full sized ATX power supplies. While this mini-itx case is small, it's more than capable of fitting and powering high-end components.

Will this mini-itx case support a SFX power supply?

While the core 500 mini-itx supports ATX natively, you can still fit a SFX power supply in there as long as you have a SFX to ATX bracket. This mini-itx case was made with high performance in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't keep things simpler and go with more affordable/less power-hungry components.

Clickable picture of Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Mini ITX Case

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Mini ITX Case

Bit of a larger option for you guys really looking to create a monster of a PC in a mini-itx case that won't be hell to work in. The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Mini ITX Case is a great option for first mini-itx builders because it's incredibly modular, very spacious, and has extensive support for both watercooling and large CPU coolers. You can straight up fit the largest CPU coolers on the market in this thing. If you're more into watercooling, you could setup radiators at the top and front of the case.

This mini-itx case was clearly made with the goal of solving some of the big issues with mini-itx cases. They can be hard to work in, they often don't support large CPU coolers, and the watercooling support is generally limited. This spacious and stylish mini-itx case has all those problems solved. This thing is a breeze to work in, you can stick a monster CPU cooler in it, you can load it up with watercooling radiators, and you can stick an ungodly amount of drives in it. Here's a full list of the specifications:

  • This mini-itx cases includes 1 200mm located at the front for excellent airflow.
  • Metal exterior, removable plastic front, clean and compact design, plastic side window.
  • Unmatched cooling options. Can support up to 5 120mm, 5 140mm, 1 200mm fans. Incredible water cooling support. Easy to work with watercooling mounting solution: radiator brackets for fast installation
  • Provides up to 3 different installation areas for slim and thick radiators varying from single to triple (120mm and 140mm form factors). Clearance for push-pull fan configurations.
  • Modular HDD cage, 28mm cable management space, removable Drop-N-Lock SSD brackets. Dust filter for front and power supply air intake.
  • Bracket for fans/radiator (up to 280mm) installation located on top.
  • Hidden power supply cable compartment
  • Easy cable management using Phanteks' preinstalled Hoop-N-Loop cable ties.
  • 2 USB 3.0, 3.5mm microphone jack, 3.5mm audio jack, Reset button.
  • Multifunctional bracket allows for quick installation of pump bracket, reservoir bracket, and SSD/HDD brackets.


As has been made clear, this is a fantastic mini-itx case. In fact, it's the mini-itx case that houses the PC this mini-itx buyers guide was written on! This is a great mini-itx case for first time mini-itx builders (or first time builders in general), this is a great mini-itx case for people looking to pack an ungodly amount of power and storage into a compact, sleek case, and this is a great mini-itx case who appreciate their PC components to be on display. Not only is the mini-itx case gorgeous, but it features a window so you can peer onto your hard work whenever you like.

What do buyers like about this mini-itx case?

Very well built with a metal exterior, ver stylish look. Capable of installing massive CPU cooler towers (Yes the Noctua NHD-15 fits with ease) and has a variety of watercooling options. Can fit the biggest ATX power supplies with ease. Cable management made easy with a hidden compartment on one side as well as hoop-n-loop cable ties.
Plenty of space for installing drives. Can easily fit 3x 3.5 inch hard drives with space to spare. Fantastic airflow right out the box with an included 200mm front fan, which actually pulls more air than 2x 120mm fans. This is a beautiful mini-itx case, it is very easy to work with, and offers lots of options and features for power users.

What don't buyers like about this mini-itx case?

The only complaint about this case is that it isn't small. This is not a shoe-box mini-itx case. It's very compact and efficient, yes, but it's definitely bigger than your typical mini-itx. If size is your only concern, look for a smaller option. If you don't want to sacrifice aesthetics and performance, then this is 100% the case for you.

Common questions & answers about this mini-itx case:

Does this mini-itx case support a standard ATX PSU?

Yes, absolutely. This mini-itx case can fit the largest of ATX power supplies, even. This mini-itx case designed to house and power the highest performance components on the market, as well as excellent cooling (watercooling or huge CPU coolers).

Will this accommodate multiple HDDs and SSDs?

Yes, with ease. You can fit enough storage space in here to make google jealous. Okay maybe not that much, but it is extremely spacious inside.

How good is the included 200mm fan at the front of this mini-itx case?

Extremely good. It's a very large fan, so it pulls in a lot of air. In fact, it pulls in more air than 2x120 mm fans because of the way the area works out. At low to medium speeds, the fan in this mini-itx case is practically inaudible.

Clickable picture of BitFenix Prodigy mini-itx case

BitFenix Prodigy mini-itx case

Again with another larger, stylish, and convenient option. The BitFenix Prodigy mini-itx case. This is a very stylish and practical case with unparalled flexibility. This mini-itx case includes composite (strong yet flexible material) handles at the top and botton of the case for easy handling; it's a great combo for a mini-itx case. Not only is it smaller than your average PC, but it's a delight to carry around with the included composite handles.

This mini-itx case included a massive drive cage in the interior allowing you to install up to five 3.5 inch HDDs or nine, yes NINE, 2.5 inch SSDs. That's insane. Now here's where the unparalleled flexibility comes in. You can remove the top HDD cage to install massive graphic cards up to 320mm in length or a 240mm watercooling radiator up top, or remove the entirety of the drive cage and install the 240mm watercooling radiator at the front. Even with the entire drive cage removed, you can still install up to five 2.5 inch SSDs.

I said this mini-itx case was stylish right? Well it comes in 6 different colors so you can really customize it and make it your own. We got black, red, blue, green, orange, and white. Practically a whole rainbow to work with. Let's take a look at the full specifications:

  • Case Type: Mini-ITX Tower, Side Windows: No
  • Material: Steel, Plastic
  • M/B Type: Mini-ITX
  • External: 1x 5.25 Inches, Internal: 5x 3.5 Inches (3+2 modular), 9x 2.5 Inches
  • Expansion Slots: 2x PCI Slots
  • Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.0 Ports, HD Audio
  • Support for tall CPU coolers up to 175mm tall
  • Tool-free drive locking mechanisms for easy installations of HDDs
  • Choose your style, 6 possible color option.
  • Strong yet flexible composite material handles at top and bottom of the mini-itx case
  • Includes 2x 120mm fans
  • Fan: accommodates 5x 120mm

Just like the last mini-itx case, the BitFenix Prodigy mini-itx case is a no-compromise mini-itx case that leans a bit on the larger side. It's large for a mini-itx case, yes, but the storage and watercooling possiblities are not something to be dismissed. Along with all that functionality for power users, it's also very stylish and includes very convenient handles that come in handy whenever you need to move your PC. Perhaps you're cleaning your desk, and need to move your mini-itx PC out of the way for a second. Maybe you're moving and need to haul that mini-itx PC down the stairs.

The point is, not only is this a powerful, stylish, and flexible case, it's also extremely convenient and easy to move around. BitFenix has truly done a great job with this mini-itx case. They also sell other mini-itx cases, but this is the real stand out amongst them all. This case comes highly recommended for power users or first time builders.

What do buyers like about this mini-itx case?

It's got good looks, it's very compact, and it's capable of fitting a crazy amount of HDDs and SSDs. The construction quality is very sturdy and the handles on the mini-itx case are very practical whenever you need to move it around. This is a great mini-itx case for building a gaming system or media PC. It's got lots of room, it's practical, and has great airflow.

What don't buyers like about this mini-itx case?

It's tricky to build in this case. While this isn't a small mini-itx case by any means, the interior is not super spacious, especially if you leave the included HDD tray intact. This mini-itx case will require patience to work in and unfortunately doesn't have much in the way of cable management options.

Common questions & answers about this mini-itx case:

What comes in the box?

Besides the case, of course, you get 2x 120mm fans. Right out the box this mini-itx case has fantastic airflow to cool your components.

Does this mini-itx case fit an ATX power supply

Yes, no issues there. You can fit and power high performance components with no worries. You can also watercool or throw in huge CPU coolers to keep them chilly.

Clickable picture of Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 Mini-itx case

Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 Mini-itx case

Now we've got the biggest one of them all. The Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 Mini-itx case. This is a relatively large mini-itx with a very sleek eye-catching design (massive side window) and unmatched airflow. It even comes with three included 120mm fans. As far as watercooling, it's possible to fit two 240mm watercooling radiators in this beast.

What's interesting and unique about this mini-itx case is that it isn't just a mini-itx case. Yup, this thing is microATX compatible, meaning you could put a microATX motherboard in there and do a dual-GPU setup. This mini-itx borders on being a standard sized PC with it's size and capability taken into consideration. It can really take anything you throw at it. Here's a full list of the specifications:

  • Gorgeous, yet small Mini-ITX/MicroATX compatible PC case with unmatched airflow
  • Comes with 3x 120mm fans
  • Clean layout for easy cable management and increased cooling performance
  • You into watercooling? Throw in two 240mm radiators with a Mini-ITX configurator or one 240mm radiator with a dual-GPU MicroATX setup if you so dare.
  • Support for a full length graphics card
  • full side window panel reveals your beautiful components and cable management
  • tool-less drive swapping in and out of the three 3.5" and 2.5" drive bays
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports at the front

A massive, efficient mini-itx case with microATX compatibility. The Corsair Air 240 mini-itx case is a true monster. This is a great case for first time builders because of how spacious it is, and this is a great long-term mini-itx case because you could switch out the motherboard, buy a new GPU, and now have a dual GPU system. Not many mini-itx cases have that level of expandability.

With three included fans and extensive support for watercooling, this mini-itx case will stay cool no matter how hard it's working to power your games or your productivity in video-editing or other performance dependant tasks. It's got a beautiful design too. It's got that massive full size side window so you can put your beautiful build on display. The mini-itx case itself comes in two colors: black and white.

What do buyers like about this mini-itx case?

This mini-itx case has plenty of room for larger high-end components and a hidden second chamber for easy cable management. This case can easily be expanded to a microATX case for a dual GPU setup. This mini-itx has excellent airflow, comes with 3 included fans, offers many options for watercooling, and is a breeze to work in.

This case is very high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Another nice thing about this mini-itx case is that it can be seated in a variety of different orientations. You could have the window pointing towards the top, or the side.

What don't buyers like about this mini-itx case?

While the case looks great, the exterior is primarily plastic. Some especially ginormous components might be too wide or too tall to fit inside this case, so make sure you compare measurements between the case and your components to make sure it'll all fit nicely.
Besides that, there's not much else to dislike about this case. The price is a bit of a premium though, but it's still under 90 dollars.

Common questions & answers about this mini-itx case:

Will this mini-itx case fit a large graphics card?

Yes this mini-itx case can fit powerful GPUs up to 290mm in length.

Will this mini-itx case fit an ATX power supply?

Yes, you can fit the largest of ATXs power supplies in this mini-itx case with no problem. This mini-itx case has the size to fit and power very performant components.

Smallest Form Factor - HTPC Cases

On to our second and last category, smallest form factor mini-itx cases. This is for individuals looking to build a dedicated, tiny, out of the way media/HTC PC. This is not a high performance gaming mini-itx PC, or mini-itx productivity station. Going for a mini-itx case this small will leave you making major compromises to performance. Now with that being said, as long as you're not trying to run the latest games, or render video projects, you can build a fairly powerful machine.

This is great for watching or streaming movies, doing text based work (or making a powerpoint), and browsing the internet. As long as you're aware of the capabilities and limitation of building a mini-itx machine of this tiny, tiny size, then you'll be very happy with your decision to go ultra small.

Clickable picture of Silverstone ML05B mini-itx case

Silverstone ML05B mini-itx case

Starting off we have an ultra tiny, affordable, and sleek mini-itx case. The Silverstone ML05B mini-itx case is extremely sturdy and well-built with its steel body construction. At under 50 dollars this is a very cheap option for building an HTPC mini-itx machine. Despite it's ridiculously small size of only 7 liters, you can fit up to four 2.5 inch HDD/SSDs, so you'll have no real compromises from a storage perspective.
Besides great options for storage, you can fit up to two 80mm fans in this HTPC mini-itx case. Often times heat is an issue with PCs this small, but this mini-itx features many dust-filtered openings for cool air intake. Overall, this is a great, cheap, entry-level mini-itx case for building a capable and quiet HTPC. Here's a list of the full specifications:

  • Ultra small just 7 liters in volume
  • Capable of fitting up to two 80mm fans
  • Multipurpose 4-in-1 bracket
  • Works with Mini-ITX motherboard and SFX power supply
  • Fits four 2.5-Inch HDD/SSD
  • USB 3.0 x 2, audio x 1, MIC x 1
  • CPU cooler max height of 37-70mm
  • 9.5mm/12.7mm slim slot-loading optical drive x 1 (replaceable with 3.5” HDD x 1 or 2.5" HDD x 2 or 120mm fan x 1)

Taking all the specs and the price into considering, it's clear that this is a fantastic mini-itx case for first time HTPC builders. It's cheap, has great airflow, got lots of space for storage, and it's all wrapped up in a sturdy, sleek steel body. You can't go wrong with this option, and nearly 300 reviews support that (4.5 stars). This is definitely one of the best petite mini-itx HTPC cases on the market.

What do buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

Very affordable, tiny case with great airflow options. There's lots of space inside for expanding storage or throwing in an optical drive. This mini-itx case is very compact yet capable of housing a fairly powerful HTPC inside. All that functionality, and all in a nice package.

What don't buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

This is a small case, so you have to careful about what components you choose, and while the body of the mini-itx case is steel/aluminum, the front panel is plastic.

Common questions & answers about this HTPC mini-itx case:

Should I install 80mm fans as intake or exhaust?

Generally you want to promote a neutral or positive air pressure inside of your PC case. Positive would be more intake than exhaust and neutral would be an equal amount of intake vs exhaust. So it would be optimal to either have two fans for intake, or one for intake and one for exhaust.

Product Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 7 inches ; 11 pounds". Does this mean this case will be much wider than your average home theater receiver?

It's not wider than a Tivo premiere, they're roughly equal with the mini-itx case being slightly taller and longer. If you have a particularly tiny shelf, then this case might hang off a little bit, but besides that it's a great size and should fit in very nicely.

Is it possible to fit a standard ATX motherboard in this case

Mini-ITX motherboard is already a tight fit, there's no way a full sized standard motherboard will fit in this tiny mini-itx case.

How many 3.5 inch drives will fit in this HTPC mini-itx case with an optical drive installed

There is a 5.25 inch bay for your optical drive. At the bottom of the case, in front of the power supply, there is a spot for a 2.5 inch drive. There are also 2 bays that will fit a 3.5 inch drive or two 2.5 inch drives each.

clickable picture of Silverstone PT13B mini-itx case

Silverstone PT13B mini-itx case

Next we're taking a look at possibly the smallest case we've ever seen at just 1.4 liters. The Silverstone PT13B is ultra-tiny. If performance is the absolute least of your worries, and all you care about is getting the smallest HTPC mini-itx machine possible, then this is the choice for you. You're not gonna be fitting a powerful CPU in here, or lots of cooling solutions, or a GPU. This is quite frankly as barebones as it gets. That said, you can still build a very capable little web-browsing/video watching HTPC in this mini-itx case.

It has a very sleek, compact design, and it's made out of aluminum and steel. It's a very unobstrusive little mini-itx HTPC case. Let's take a look at all the specifications:

  • Made for mini-itx motherboard and SFX power supply
  • Ultra small at just 1.4 liters in volume
  • Includes vertical stand holder for different mounting options
  • Meets VESA Mounting Interface Standard
  • Easy installation with flip-up top cover
  • Compatible Motherboards: Intel DH61AGL / DQ77KB,Gigabyte H77TN / B75TN / H61TN, ASRock B75TM / H61TM / H77TM / Z77TM
  • Product Dimensions are as follows: 186mm (W) x 42mm (H) x 181mm (D), 1.41 liters

Being one of the smallest HTPC mini-itx cases on the market, this is clearly for a very specific type of consumer. This sleek, tiny mini-itx was made for people looking for the smallest most out-of-the-way possible mini-itx case. If serious performance is 100 percent not a concern for you, then this just might be the HTPC mini-itx case for you. At only roughly 50 dollars, this is a very affordable option.

Considering the low price and exceptional build quality, this mini-itx case comes highly recommended.

What do buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

It's unobstrusive, understated, and very well made. You can't quite build a high performance gaming machine or productivity workstation in it, but you can build a very, very fast HTPC machine without any issues. This is a very simple to build in case with an uncompromising focus on being the smallest HTPC mini-itx case out there.

What don't buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

The performance of an HTPC built inside this mini-itx case is very limited, and there aren't many options for what components to buy, but that is to be expected.

Common questions & answers about this HTPC mini-itx case:

Is there room for an SSD in this mini-itx case?

Yes, in fact the SSD is mounted underneath the motherboard. The standoffs for the motherboard in this mini-itx case are taller than usual, allowing you to achieve this interesting configuration.

Is the outside of this mini-itx case plastic or metal?

The case is entirely steel.

Clickable pictures of Silverstone RVZ02B mini-itx case

Silverstone RVZ02B mini-itx case

Next we have an ultra small mini-itx gaming case: the Silverstone RVZ02B mini-itx case. Despite the fact that this mini-itx is only 12 liters, it can still fit a full sized 13 inch graphic cards. This mini-itx has a very slim, vertical, console-esque aesthetic. Basically, it looks like a console, but really it has the performance you'd expect from a desktop class gaming machine.

This mini-itx case features tool-less drive cages to make assembly quicker than ever. Also, this mini-itx case features rather clever space utilization. The two major heat sources in your PC (the CPU and GPU) are seperated via the mini-itx case's main chamber so each component can have its own airflow path. Despite it's very tiny size, this mini-itx case can be made into a capable desktop workstation, a living room gaming console, or an HTPC. It's perfect for any kind of slim PC build. Here's a list of the full specifications:

  • Highest performance capability in super slim form factor
  • Support graphics card up to 13 inches
  • Independent expansion slot design for easy assembly
  • Tool-less drive cage design
  • Fits in nearly any environment with horizontal or vertical orientation

Overall, the Silverstone RVZ02B is a very versatile mini-itx case capable of being used for gaming, productivity, or media HTPC uses. It's small, yet still cleverly designed enough to hold a full-sized 13 inch graphics card, and with its tool-less drive cage design, it's a breeze to work in. On top of all that, the interior is cleverly spaced to optimize cooling of both the GPU and CPU so your components stay cool even under heavy load.

What do buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

Extremely well thought out interior design to maximize airflow to components. Capable of fitting massive full length graphic cards up to 13 inches for serious gaming performance. Exceedingly versatile mini-itx case that can be used to build a capable gaming machine, productivity workstation, or an HTPC for media consumption in the living room. This is one of the most impressive mini-itx cases on the market for its aesthetic design, optimal airflow, easy installation process, and solid build quality.

What don't buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

Some buyers have complained that the optical drive cover has a poor fit for the mini-itx case which reuslts in occassinal jamming of the cover. The included rubber feet of the mini-itx case are rather useless as they fall off frequently. The rubber feet are there so you can place this mini-itx case horizontally, but you might not want to do that as it might compromise airflow.

Common questions & answers about this HTPC mini-itx case:

Can you use this to make your own game console?

Absolutely, this mini-itx is already in a very compact console-esque form factor. The only difference between this and a standard console, is you can build a vastly more powerful gaming machine in this mini-itx case.

Would an ATX power supply fit inside this mini-itx case

No, not without serious modification. This mini-itx case was made to be built with a SFX power supply.

clickable picture of Fractal Design NODE 202 mini-itx case

Fractal Design NODE 202 mini-itx case

Finally, we reach the conclusion of this mini-itx case list with the Fractal Design NODE 202. This is another console-sized, sleek mini-itx case that can fit an astounding amount of gaming power in it. At only 10.2 liters in volume, this mini-itx case can still manage to fit a 310mm (about 12 inches) high performance gaming graphics card. Just like the last case, this case also features a very intelligently designed interior that seperates the CPU/motherboard section from the GPU to allow fresh, optimized airflow to the hottest components in your PC.

This sleek, elegent case can be oriented horizontally of vertically so you can fit it just about anywhere. It's also got built-in dust filters to keep interior clean and dust-free. This is a very compact, versatile, well-built case with a sleek understated design. Here's a full list of the specifications:

  • Features a sleek, elegant design that will fit in any space or room
  • Ultra small mini-itx case with a volume of only 10.2 liters
  • Very versatile mini-itx case that can be set up both vertically and horizontally
  • Supports Mini-ITX motherboards, SFX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
  • Provides a smart thermal interior design highlighting separate motherboard and graphics card chambers for optimal airflow
  • Included air filters for a dust free interior

Overall, this is a great mini-itx case that works for all kinds of buyers. If you're interested in building an HTPC media consumption machine, a productivity workstation, or an awesomely powerful gaming PC, then this might be a case to look at it. It's very efficient, exceedingly compact, and has a very sleek, understated design. Now a days a lot of these cases are overly flashy and gaudy, so it's refreshing to see something as unobstrusive and cleanly designed as this mini-itx case.

What do buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

This is one of the best mini-itx cases on the market when you consider the amount of power and versality it has. Not only can this mini-itx case fit high performance components like huge gaming graphic cards, but it can manage to keep them cool with it's cleverly designed interior which seperates the GPU and CPU to its on section of the case. If you're an especially crafty, experienced builder, you can fit quite a bit of power in this case.

One of the reviews on Amazon mentions fitting an SFX-L power supply and a GTX 1080 founder's edition in this tiny mini-itx case. This is an outstanding mini-itx case and you'll have no problem fitting in the highest end components you can find.

What don't buyers like about this HTPC mini-itx case?

It can be tricky building in a mini-itx case this small, especially if you're trying to fit in a large graphics card, but that's a given. It'd be nice if this mini-itx case also came with a dust filter for the top intake. While this case has a nice design, it is mostly plastic.

Common questions & answers about this HTPC mini-itx case:

Can this mini-itx case fit a GTX 1080?

Yes, but it depends on the 1080. Some manufacturers make extra large 1080s with tons of fans, so those may not fit, but a gtx 1080 founder's edition absolutely will.

Can this mini-itx case fit a 3.5 inch drive?

No, this mini-itx case can only fit 2x 2.5 inch drives.

Should I build a mini-itx PC?


If you're still not convinced, let's go over the benefits and drawbacks one more time. If you're tired of giant, flashy, ineffecient, heavy PC cases, then you might want to look at this quickly growing class of PC cases. Which is that our phones and our TVs get smaller and smaller, but we have this obsession with growing our PCs bigger and bigger. It doesn't make any sense when you can have a godly amount of performance and cooling capabilities in a case at least half the size of a standard case.

Honestly, unless you need to have 6 harddrives in your PC, or 2-3 graphic cards, there's no need to build a standard PC case. Not only is a mini-itx PC intellectually satisfying, but it's just practical and convenient. It takes up much less space on your desk, and is easy to move whenever you feel like cleaning said desk. Going with a standard sized case when you have no need for it is just inconveniencing yourself.

Another thing, a smaller case by nature is going to build up less dust as there is less surface area for that dust to rest on. The cooling in general is arguably more efficient because you need less fans to circulate air in a mini-itx case. There's simply a smaller volume of air that needs to be recycled in a mini-itx case as compared to a standard ATX case.

So we've got the myth of mini-itx PC having bad cooling and performance out of the way, but what if you don't care about that? You just want a PC for watching videos, browsing the internet, writing word documents, and making powerpoints. Well, in that case, you can go even smaller. It makes even less sense to have a full sized PC if all you're going to be doing on it is simple tasks. In that case, you could get something as small as just a computer liters. Why not? You don't need a beefy CPU with a massive cooler, you don't need watercooling, and you definitely don't need a dedicated GPU since you're not interested in gaming.

All in all, mini-itx builds are a growing category of PC builds for a reason. They're efficient, convenient, practical, and offer a refreshing take on what a gaming or productivity PC looks like.

Posted by Roman Stephen